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Devlin Scott
Devlin Scott was born on a cruise ship touring the Bahamas and left abandoned. After having spent his childhood years between foster homes and the streets of Miami, he worked hard (tending bar) to put himself through college and graduating found employment at a local (now defunct) radio station as a nighttime call in talk host.

He is single and now resides in Michigan where he dispenses advice to the masses via his blog.

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Devlin's blog
S. Kahn was born in Tacoma, Washington. The first born of five children, he was raised to appreciate the arts and soon found writing to his liking. After a lucrative career as a non-fiction ghost-writer for several publishing houses he decided to give the art of fiction a try.

He is now living in the mid-east and in a serious long-term relationship with Jessica Tanaka.

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Grant E Brazell
Grant E Brazell, was born in Sydney Australia in 1966 to parents of English heritage. He has been a Fantasy buff for decades and spends most of his life wide awake in dreamland. He currently lives in Rooty Hill, Australia, with his wife, one son and two cats.TESANIA is his first novel.

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