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TESANIA - Trannyth's Keep

Tesania is the only survivor after her village and family are massacred by magically altered beasts.

In the aftermath of the attack she senses her father's sword calling out to her, the hilt reforming to fit her small hand as she draws the blade from its sheath.

With its magic tingling at her nerves, she embarks on a mission of revenge.

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Review: Flamingnet Teen reviews
This book is among the best I have ever read. Tesania is so normal it's really easy to see yourself as her. She 's just like you and me (except for, you know, living in a medieval time period) only she's in extreme circumstances. Later in the book you find out she's not as normal as she seems, but it doesn't matter anymore because you're already seeing from her point of view, feeling her pain. As for Tyrannth and his keep, at first he seems so unreachable, completely invincible. But as the group gets closer they begin to see the cracks and the holes in Tyrannth's keep, his plan for taking over, and Tyrannth himself. It really shows how nothing is invincible and nothing lasts forever. My favorite thing about this book though, is that the good side is far from perfect as well. The people in the capital city are petty, the heads of the rangers, the soldiers, the mages, and the monks fight among themselves and the King lets over half the people in Rilmir City starve. Its not just the classic battle of good versus evil. I'd recommend this book to fantasy lovers of all ages.